Curious Kid Podcast

Curious Kid Podcast

Join Jacob and 8 year old Olivia as they learn fun and educational things. They take on a new topic each episode with the goal of providing an educational and entertaining experience for listeners of all ages. New episodes every Sunday!

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Recent Episodes

March 26, 2023

Season 9 Finale

In episode 234, we test how well you know Olivia with what we like to call Olivia Trivia! We share our favorite episodes and facts from season 9. We also reveal the first 10 episode topics of season ten. Visit …

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March 19, 2023

Curious About Mountains

In episode 233, we get curious about mountains for Joe, Bo, and Addie of Dallas, Texas, Isla of Gisborne, New Zealand, and Kieran of Asheville, North Carolina. What is the difference between a mountain and a hill? How are m...

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March 12, 2023

Curious About Muscles

In episode 232, we get curious about muscles for Kozma and Kira or Twain Harte, California. What are muscles and how do they work? Do we control all of our muscles? What is muscle memory? Muscle up and learn all …

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March 5, 2023

Curious About Rockets

In episode 231, we get curious about rockets for Edward of Texas, Finley and Rowan of Ontario, Canada, Asher of Florida, and Olivia of Florida. What are rockets? How do they get all the way into Space? Why are they …

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Feb. 26, 2023

Curious About Taxes

In episode 230, we get curious about taxes for Ella of Chicago, Illinois. What are taxes? Why do we pay taxes? What kind of different taxes do Americans pay? Why was the Boston Tea Party not as fun as many …

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Feb. 19, 2023

Curious About Mosquitoes

In episode 229, we get curious about mosquitoes for Jack and Owen of Traralgon, Australia. We learn what mosquitoes are, how they bite people, and why they are so good at biting people (and other animals). We also learn whe...

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