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My kids can’t get enough!!!

HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO! We recently found this podcast on a long road trip and my 4 year old and 6 year old can’t get enough! The episodes are perfect kid bite sized length and it is getting our whole family curious! Thank you!

It makes car rides shorter

Hi guys! We love your podcast. It is very interesting. We were wondering if you could get curious about languages. What was the first language? We would love to know! From, Vivian, Lyza and Jack from Lower Merion, PA

Makes car rides fun!

Our family loves listening to the podcast when we are driving in the car! Max is our almost 8 year old son and he loves all of the episodes but he especially loves the animal episodes. Keep it up, guys! Thanks so much!

Curious about octopus

Hi i am cal from okc I am so curious about octopus why do Octopus have suckers do they poop i have listened to every episode Loved your podcast

Curious about the Army and Wars

Hi my name is James and I am 5 years old. I love listening to your podcast. My favorite episode is the one about Peacocks! I was wondering if you could get curious about the Army and pat wars. Thank you!!

Greatest podcast ever!!!

Hi my name is Jacob and I’m curious about the body and how it fights off virus -Jacob

I love your podcast!

Hi, my name is Cereyna and me and my mom would like you to do a podcast about the center of gravity, how balance works, and how sound works. From, Cereyna

It Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Jane and I’m age 8 I know everyone says this but I love your podcast. I found your podcast one the ten news. My favorite is curious about dragons I would love it if you would be curious about dreams.

Best kids podcast

Hello my name is Luke and I am 6 years old! I love this podcast. My favorite episode is the one about Bigfoot! My little brother loves saying, “Mail Bag!” when they say it in the podcast. It’s so funny and cute! I think this is the best kid podcast ever invented! Everyone should listen to it especi…


Hi Olivia and Jacob! My name is Harper and I am curious about synchronized swimming. My favorite episode of your podcast is Curious About Peacocks. I have been listening to your podcast since episode 100! I found you guys on kids listen.

Amazing and reliable entertainment AND information!

We found Curious Kid when we started pandemic-homeschooling last year and have been devoted listeners ever since. What started as a good source for complementing homeschool lessons (it seemed like there was an episode for everything) quickly turned into a fan-favorite for car rides, laundry folding…

We love your podcast!

We’ve been marathoning “Curious Kid” podcast episodes for the last few weeks and we love them! Jordan (born October 2013 - same age as Olivia!) and Luke (April 2015) are huge fans. Their mommy is too. Mommy has been enjoying the mini-presidential episodes and kids of course love all the bodily-func…

Fedor and Misha

We absolutely love your podcast! A great way to learn new things! great job!

We love your podcast!

Hi Olivia and Jacob my name is Heidi and my brother and I love your podcast so much! My brother Allen is colorblind and he loved your episode on color blindness! We would love it if you could please do an episode about gerbils for us!

Question for you

Hi Olivia and her dad my name is Camille and I have a question for you this morning I was eating ice cream and I wondered how was ice cream and granted where does it colors came from another any flavors that are actually weird like fish?I’d like for you to answer all my questions in a podcast episo…

Fantastic podcast

This podcast is awesome!

I love the podcast

Hi Olivia and her dad my name is Millie and I have a pet cat and i have a question for you why do cats act different from humans why do they meow and like gross stuff like lifer and why do they go to the bathroom and stuff like litter boxes and not jump on a stepstool and use the toilet? I love m…


Thank you for your work on the podcast , my son love it.

Love your show - glow sticks?

I am almost 5 years old. I am curious about how neon glow sticks work. So far my favorite episode I have listened to is the one about drones! Thank you for your show!

Love the podcast

I love the podcast

Great for roadtrips!

We love listening in the car and learning during road trips!

Love the podcast!!

Hi Olivia! My name is Ryan. And my favorite episode was curious about Bigfoot. I love your podcast, it’s so great, and I love the one about Lego too. I’m really curious about static because sometime my stuffys have static on them. Thank you for the podcast! Good Day! From, Ryan

It good

I like the one about dragons. But it’s not my favorite

LOVE Curious Kids podcast!

My six and four year old are OBSESSED with Curious Kids. They want to listen to an episode every day and often discuss what they have learned over dinner or with friends. The information is presented so clearly and in a very interesting way. My six year old left a voicemail with a topic he was exci…

Fun and informative

We love The Curious Kid Podcast because they have fun digestible episodes that give us tons of interesting info in a really enjoyable way. My son is seven and he loves facts, this podcast makes him feel like an expert when he’s telling all his friends what he learned that week.

We love it!

All three of my kids are hooked. We listen during dinner, car rides or even while we are cleaning up. Then, we all discuss what we learned!

Our favorite car ride activity!

We love listening to Olivia and Jacob during our car rides and we all ( kids and adults) have been learning so much. Long car rides became something the kids look forward to thanks to this podcast. Olivia and Jacob make learning new things fun and our kids stay engaged for a long time ( sometime ov…


I’ve only been listening to this podcast for a little bit, but it’s AWESOME!!!

Great for little ones too!

Many kids podcast are targeted at an older demographic. However we have found these shorter episodes without commercial breaks interrupting the content are perfect for my 3 and 5 year old. I highly recommend this podcast to all our friends and even listen without the kids too!

This is a don't miss!!!

We are a screen free family and this podcast has been so wonderful for us. We listen to it during dinner, car rides, practically whenever!!! We have learned so much. A few months ago our topic on water towers was covered and just deepened our fascination with this show. Thanks for all you do

Keep it up!

Please be curious about video games. I love this podcast and I listen to it every free second I get. Thank you so much! I have to put my name here because my name is already taken Justin Nguyen.

The curious kid podcast

I love the podcast .I think it is amazing

Enjoyable for kids AND ADULTS!!!

After seeing this podcast mentioned in The Week Junior, we decided to try it out. It has absolutely changed the time we spend in the car! The entire family enjoys listening to OLIVIA and her dad explain, in a simple, yet informative way, many things she is wondering about! Thank you guys for making…

6 year old is obsessed

This keeps my 6 year old quiet and her head spinning. Ha. My husband and I put it on for long car rides and whenever we need a moment of silence. She just sat here and listened to 10 episodes straight. It’s really well-done. The dad and daughter are super cute!

Fun and interesting

I'll admit that I've learnt quiet a bit from listening to this podcast and having a kid introduce these concepts helps keep my kids engaged. Its wonderfully engaging.

A great listen and we learn so much

We love the show! Olivia is great and the whole family has learned a lot just from listening. I particularly like the Presidential episodes.

So Fun!

It's been a really fun show for my family to enjoy together and you should for sure check it out!

Fun and informative!

Informative show with fun hosts. An excellent choice for early elementary grades! :)

It's awesome!

We love your podcast and listen to it ever friday morning at breakfast. It's entertaining, fun and we learn a lot. We hope you guys keep making the awesome podcasts you make today!

Our favorite kids podcast!

My kids and I love your podcast. We have decided that curious kids podcast is our favorite kids podcast and it is even fun for me as a mom to listen to... I’ve learned a lot from this podcast. Thank you!

Awesome Podcast!

We love Curious Kid podcast! Our favorite episodes are Curious about Dolphins, Curious about Candy, and Curious about Bats! This is the only podcast that our 5.5 year old and 8 year old listen to because it’s our favorite!

Absolutely amazing!

Olivia & Jacob are such a fantastic team, this podcast is great for both kids and adults! Super proud of you Olivia, keep being your amazing, wonderful self! Xo, Miss Vecchio

Great for kids!

My 3 year old and 6 year old love listening to this podcast. We have listened to the episode about hiccups and farts I have lost count. This is a great alternative to music in the car. Thank you for providing this!

Wow amazing! 🍪

I didn’t think I would like this podcast but I did!!!! Is so epic! 🧈 Me love your podcast! Keep on being curious!!!! 🐝🐞🦮🦥🦦🦝🦨🐁 🍄

Wonderful podcast!

This podcast is so much fun to listen to! Olivia is an engaging and exciting host, and her dad Jacob and her make an awesome team. Way to go you two! Keep up the great work!

Olivia is the cutest!

The podcast is such a fun listen

Family Fun

We love this podcast! My 7 year old enjoys learning the fun facts and my 3 year old really enjoys “MAILBAG!” 😉

This Show is Oozing Charm

As someone with curious kids of my own, I knew that I needed an informative podcast to explain some things I couldn’t. What I wasn’t expecting was such a fun listen! Definitely would recommend.

Kid Approved!

We love Curious Kid Podcast! We’ve learned so many fun and silly things, and it’s fun to talk about and share the things we learn with others. Dad and daughter duo make a great team, Olivia is the best interviewer when you have special guests! Thanks for all the fun content! Can’t wait for future e…

This Podcast!

This is an amazing show, having kids explain parts of different topics is so cute! I definitely will continue to listen to them! -G.I.Bro

What a great idea

This is a great podcast for parents and kids alike. Everyone gets to learn something and adults can listen in the car with the kids and everyone has fun! Really a wonderful podcast.

I use in the classroom!

As a substitute teacher, I’ve definitely gotten hooked on this podcast. I’ve noticed when I play it in the classroom, the students are actually engaged and actively comment about what they learned. The president episodes are a winner too. Kudos to The CKP gang!

Kids love this pod!

This is our morning podcast while we are doing school drop offs. The kids love learning all the new things and we love that the episodes are short. We can usually squeeze in 3-4 each morning. Definitely a great way for kids to learn all kinds of new things.


Curious about Evolution? And other random stuff? Sign me up!! Super glad to find this.

Informative and Kid-Friendly

What a delight this is! Short, sweet and full of information for both adults and kids. Highly recommended!

Great podcast!

Informative, interesting and suitable for the whole family. A great podcast!

Great podcast for kids

Great short podcast for families. It’s educational and quick, so it to keeps kids’ attention.

Excellent show

A truly fun way to do a quick dive into interesting topics. I couldn’t stop smiling.


Showed this to my family members, they loved it!

Great for Families

Curious Kid is such a great podcast for families to listen to together. I learn something all the time!

Kids will love this.

Curious Kid is just ingenious. Father and daughter educating young and adult alike. Episodes are shorter which is good for young attention spans. Fave ep so far: Curious about Bugs. Fave quote: “That’s Crazy! Why do they need all those eyes for?” Olivia is just the best little host I’ve ever had th…

Great podcast for kids

Love listening to this podcast with my kids! Great simplified explanations and perfect length to keep my kids’ attention. Highly recommended!!

Excellent family Podcast

This podcast features father and daughter team Jacob and 5 year old Olivia. Together they explore the world in short podcasts. Olivia is really a bright child who does an excellent job of relating each subject to a young audience. This podcast is for all ages and well worth checking out.


What a great podcast. Olivia is smarter than most adults I know.

Great Show!

The Curious Kid Podcast is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, a fantastic premise, and great insight, this wholly original Podcast will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!

Great for all!

This is a great podcast. It’s getting my 7 year old son into the podcast bug! They are the perfect length for his attention span, very relaxing voices and super interesting and we both learned a lot! I’m impressed. Keep it up.

Love this podcast!

And my kids do too! Thanks

Super Show!

Hellllooooo! This podcast is so amazing, I love l the interesting topics! The two of you are excellent podcast hosts! Keep up the great work!

fun show

I have a 6 year old and often get "hey daddy..." questions. Seems like Jacob gets the same from Olivia. I look forward to more inquisitive topics!

Super entertaining

Love all the topics and the enthusiasm you share for them. Keep up the great work.

Great Job!

Entertaining and educational. Great co-host as well.